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Do I miss being on Twitter and Facebook?

September 6, 2013


It has been a month since I took a leave from Facebook and Twitter, I thought that I might miss it, and I was prepared to admit failure after a week if I found that I missed them too much.

But I don’t. I think that social media is the sort of thing that you enjoy when it is there, but don’t miss when it is gone. This might just be me, though (watching sports is similar; I enjoy it when it happens, but I don’t miss it when I can’t watch).

Actually, there is one thing that I miss: I miss having more ways to procrastinate at work. I find myself looking for more websites to click, and I am disappointed when I realize that there is nothing else on the web that I already know I want to look at. This, of course, is a good thing.

So what have I been doing with my time? I think that I have spent a little more time on Google Plus, although not much more. I have been blogging a bit more—maybe 1.5 posts per week instead of 0.5. At home, I think that I really have been spending more time with my kids, which is a huge win. At work, I think that I have been, well, working more. This means that I have gotten done with projects sooner, and I have generally had fewer things hanging over my head.

I actually have had some presence on Twitter and Facebook, since I receive emails when someone mentions me. But this has only happened roughly six times this month. I replied, but I was not logged in for very long.

I have no plans of going back to Twitter or Facebook soon. I think that I will likely re-evaluate after this semester is over.


Bret is taking an indefinite leave from Facebook and Twitter

August 6, 2013

In an effort to produce more and consume less, I am going to take an indefinite leave from Twitter and Facebook. I am not closing my accounts, as I might return. But I will cease checking them. I really enjoy both, and Twitter particularly has been a great resource for my professional development as a teacher.

However, I find that they end up being very distracting to both my work life and my home life. I have several goals for both my professional and personal life that I would like to work on (I will not be telling you about them, though), and removing these two distractors should help me to focus on working to achieve them.

I will not be leaving social media entirely, however. I hope to blog slightly more frequently than I did last school year (and much more than this summer), I will continue with email, and I will continue with Google Plus. I am staying active on Google plus because the signal-to-noise ratio is much more favorable than Facebook and Twitter, and I find that the professional development I get from Google Plus is worth the amount of time I spend on it; Facebook and Twitter have stopped being worth it, in spite of my careful curation of my feeds.

Here is how I intend to help myself achieve this. First, I am going to delete the apps relating to Facebook and Twitter on my iPad and iPod Touch.
Second, I am going to log off of the sites on my browsers. I think that having to log in will help me from cheating on my plan.

I am not sure how long I will be gone. I am roughly aiming to be off for the remainder of 2013, although this is really up in the air.

I am going to miss my Twitter and Facebook colleagues who are not on Google Plus. There are not many of them, but there are a couple who I will really miss. Of course, I will also miss my real-life friends from Facebook, although I might be more likely to call or email them now.

Finally, Twitter sends me emails when I am mentioned in a Tweet (This has always baffled me. It seems so antiquated). I may respond to relevant ones, so my Twitter people can still get a hold of me if needed. Also, anything that I have that automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter will continue (such as updates from this blog. Actually, probably only updates from this blog).

This will be difficult for me, although I think that I will be able to do with if I take a lot of cold showers, attend my weekly meetings, and take up smoking.

Ta ta for now.