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Dropbox to the Rescue

August 22, 2017

Many of you are probably aware of this, but I was able to save myself two hours worth of work by using a feature of Dropbox this morning.

The situation: I was about to create the gradebook for a course (Math 239) this morning, and I figure that I would just copy the folder (“Grades”) containing my spreadsheet and python program for automatically emailing grades to students from a different course (Math 343) rather then starting from scratch.

I worked for a couple of hours, modified the copied documents, and then was done. Then I wanted to look at a class roster for Math 343, so I went to open my grade spreadsheet for Math 343. The problem was that the “Grades” folder was not there for 343: I had accidentally moved the folder rather than copied it. Basically, I overwrote about two hours worth of work that I would rather not re-do.

I slightly panicked, emailed my IT guy, and waited. But then I realized that I had stored all of this in Dropbox, and Dropbox stores all of your files for 30 days.

So I went to the Dropbox website, clicked on the 343 folder, clicked on “Show Deleted Files” on the right-hand menu, clicked on “Grades” (my deleted folder), and clicked “Restore Folder” in the right-hand menu. Those four clicks saved me two hours worth of work.

Thank you, Dropbox.