Teaching Statistics with Covid 19


One of the silver linings of the Covid 19 pandemic is that it gives opportunities talk about statistics that are in the news. Here are two videos I made for my students.

  1. My wife sent me a link to an article about a paper that says that many more people may have Covid 19 than we initially thought.  The paper says that 50 to 85 times more people may have Covid 19 than we think.  The article says that the authors of the paper may have made some big statistical flaws to get to that number.  The article uses basic statistics to demonstrate that we should not trust that 50-to-85 number. Here is my video explaining the basics of the paper (I don’t add anything new; I just describe what the paper says).
  2. Here is my take on a Covid 19 video by the Bakersfield ER doctors that has been in the news.  I point out two big statistical errors in it that my introductory statistics students could have found.

One small benefit of the pandemic is that I feel like the statistical education I am giving my students is more valuable; I thought it was valuable before, but there are some very tangible ways that the class could benefit the students above.


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