Syncing Google Calendar with Outlook

Sadly, I work at a Microsoft campus. I don’t like Microsoft products. I have avoided using the Microsoft Outlook Calendar for years, but I started to last year after I became chair—it is just easier for a lot of people to schedule that way. I don’t want to cause headaches for other people, and there is a reason why the campus picks a single tool for all of the people who work there.

Additionally, my campus is about to adopt Starfish, which will (hopefully) help us take better care of the students. This integrates with Outlook, and it we are expected to post our office hours to Starfish. I have been using for my office hours for a while, which I like. However, I don’t want my students to have to use Outlook, Starfish, Canvas, AND, so I will likely change over to Starfish for my office hours. If I want to keep the benefits of (which I believe Starfish can do), I need to, sadly, use my Outlook calendar.

However, how I use my Outlook calendar is up to me. I am choosing to simply sync it with my Google Calendar, which I love (and which my wife uses). I have been using Outlook Google Calendar Sync since the summer, and it is working flawlessly. I change things on Google Calendar, and it shows up on Outlook; I change things on Outlook, and it shows on Google Calendar. I never actually have to go to my Outlook calendar.

Better yet, it is open source and really easy to install on my Windows machine.


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