My Productivity Efforts

Robert Talbert just wrote about his GTD set-up. As a quick reminder, I use only text files for my GTD set-up. I don’t have the same issues he does, largely because I almost only work in my office (this was a lifestyle decision I made when I had kids).

I have a productivity goal for this semester. I think that there are some basic skills that are not discussed enough in the productivity discussion, with the primary one being typing speed. If you spend time practicing typing and, say, get up to 80 words-per-minute (twice the average typing speed), then your one-hour typing job turns into a 30-minute typing job.

I think of vim as typing on steroids. I have been using vim for years (including for email, which has saved me tons of time), but I still don’t know all of the commands. My goal for this semester is to learn all of the most common commands. I am trying to learn one new command each week, and then practice it so that it becomes fluent.

Vim is one of the reasons why I use text files for GTD. I can move around and edit the documents very quickly.


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    […] why I failed. I love working in my to-do list, which is a text file that I can easily edit via vim and python scripts, and I don’t like working in Google Calendar (I like working in Outlook […]

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