Course Values

I am desperately trying to find time to prepare for my upcoming statistics courses. I was reminded yesterday that I could have students use The Islands, which is a virtual world where students can do statistical tests on the population.

I think that this super-cool, and I was excited to use it. One of the coolest things about it is that it makes data collection non-trivial, which reflects real life (but in a way that makes it possible to do for a college student). The students would get the experience of having to essentially knock on doors, wait while someone takes a test, and figure out what to do when someone lies to them (e.g. the virtual people will lie about their weight—if you weight them and ask them, the numbers do not necessarily agree).

But then I realized: I do not want data collection to be a huge part of my course. And The Islands, as cool as the program is, is a big time investment for me and my students. So, unfortunately, I have decided to scrap the idea.

I am grateful, though, that I was able to remind myself to keep looking at the big picture, and make sure that your assignments and activities align with your learning outcomes.

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