New Goal

We are one month into the summer. My new goal is to quickly get my courses into good shape, then spend the rest of the summer doing some research (including with my research students), but mainly being at home a lot. I hope I can make it happen.

3 Responses to “New Goal”

  1. Andy Rundquist Says:

    I find when I get classes “set” too far in advance that I spend too much time later second guessing myself. Are you able to get them where you’re happy with them and let them sit until September?

    • bretbenesh Says:

      I find that I am 95% happy with them. I usually tweak a couple of small things the week before classes start, but I think that I just have a deal with myself that I don’t second-guess. It works for me, but it takes a bit of work for it to work for me, since I also have the tendency to second-guess.

      I am also really slow about planning my classes, so I kind of need the extra time. That, and I would hate to head into the semester not-as-prepared as I would like.

  2. Grading in a Capstone Class | Solvable by Radicals Says:

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