I’m (physically) moving!

Well, I intended to blog weekly this semester, and I did it until the last week of the semester and finals week. My fake excuse: in addition to the usual rush at the end of the semester—I have more grading that most due to my policy of almost-unlimited revisions—I was coordinating my department’s move to a new building.

Here is our story in a nutshell: I teach at two schools—one for women, one for men—that are merging at a glacial pace. Day-to-day, the experience is that we are one big school with two campuses that are six miles apart. However, we have two presidents, two boards, and are legally two schools (one interesting effect is that we seem to circumvent some Title IX provisions, particularly the one about equal access to sports. I am pretty sure the men’s school spends a lot more on sports than the women’s).

Because of our history, both schools used to have their own Department of Mathematics. Up until now, some members in my department had offices that were six miles apart. This move to a new building is part of the evolution of the two schools becoming one, and now the maximum distance between two Math professors’ offices is something like 30 feet.

As department chair, I have been going to the other campus twice per week so that I would be available to everyone. I will be pleased to not have this 1.5 hours of travel each week.

The new space is really nice, too. Previously, half of the department was in a concrete-walled corridor with no place for students to work; the other half was in a windowless fallout shelter (which actually had a nice area for students to work).

So I am excited about this move, and I am looking forward to being house with all of my colleagues.

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