What toys would you buy?

Let’s suppose you had $1000 to spend to help you become a better teacher. What would you purchase? Please answer in the comments—your numbers do not need to total $1000, but nothing should cost more than $1000.

Here is my short list (as usual, no one paid me to mention these):

What else do you recommend? You can either list things that you have already purchased or things that you wish you could purchase.


5 Responses to “What toys would you buy?”

  1. aweinberg Says:

    What about alternatives to base-10 blocks that stack (like these: http://www.digiblock.com/pages/better-base-ten-blocks)?

    Also, I have a MS Surface for making videos, and it’s pretty awesome.

    • bretbenesh Says:

      Also: what app do you use for videos on your Surface?

      • aweinberg Says:

        My department bought me a copy of Camtasia. That works with everything and also has a Powerpoint plugin. There are probably also less feature-packed screen capture apps that would work about as well.

        The Surface pen is amazing. There is basically no lag between moving the pen and seeing the “ink” on the screen, and the pressure sensitivity feels pretty natural to me.

      • bretbenesh Says:

        I was looking at the Surface after your comment, and the pen seems to be the main draw.

        I am thinking about a new computer, and I am going to look at the Surface more carefully.

  2. bretbenesh Says:

    Love it. I got to meet the creator of digi-blocks. He was passionate.

    I have heard great things about the Surface. I will look at them a bit more.

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