Mutt revisited

This is a short story about why it is nice to blog; your comments helped me realize what I actually wanted to do. I wrote last week about how I was unhappy with Mutt. Summary: I tried to run GMail through the email program Mutt, and the result was a really slow email program.

Because of several comments by different people, I realized that

  1. I have a slight concern about how Google respects my personal privacy; this is not a huge concern for me, though, and it would not be enough to make me switch.
  2. I have a huge concern about my students’ privacy, and I have been concerned about GMail for a while. Your comments helped me realize that Mutt could be a solution.

Because of a conference relating to my biological children’s educations that I attended last weekend, I realized that I really want to learn more about Linux. So Mutt gives me a chance to do this.

So now I have three reasons to change, and a colleague (Michael Gass) gave me the most elegant solution: use Mutt without GMail. That is, I now use Mutt and POPMail to get mail directly from my school’s servers. Now, Mutt is as fast as it should be.

Today is the first day that I have Mutt up and running, although I have been reasonably happy with it so far. But if I run into problems, I might switch back. One potential problem is that I check my email mostly on my iPad at home, so I need to figure out something to do there (although it could be that my ssh app will work just fine with Mutt on the iPad). A possibly related problem is that getmail is not deleting the emails once they are fetched from the school’s servers (even though I have ‘delete=true’ in my .getmailrc file). This drives me crazy because I crave empty inboxes, although this may be a solution to my iPad problem; I can access Outlook via the school’s webpage or some other app, and the messages will all be there.

I suppose there is a good chance that I will change my mind again next week.


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