Firefox Shortcuts

I have been so happy with the GMail keyboard shortcuts that I have decided to learn similar shortcuts for Firefox.

I mainly just want to be able to quickly change tabs, move to the search bar, and move to the address bar. If I could do those three things, I will be in good shape.

[Edit 6:29 am on April 28: I am already thrilled just from knowing that control-l puts you in the address bar, control-k puts you in the search bar, control-[ goes back a page, and control-] goes forward. This is in addition to already using control-t to open a new tab. I find that control-1 through control-8 is also helpful to go to the 1st through 8th tab, although I use this less than the other commands.]

I haven’t practiced these yet, but I will starting tomorrow.

(Again, I am probably really late on this).


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