Chromebooks, Videos, and Group Quizzes

We are four weeks into the semester at this point, and I am hoping to come out of the early semester sprint to prepare for the entire semester. This will happen by the end of the week, and may happen as early as tomorrow. Mainly, I need to finish creating video solutions for the quizzes for the entire semester; I may also write the weekly clicker questions for the remainder of the semester, but I may intentionally decide to do those week-by-week.

Here are some random things that are too short for their own entry:

  • I am starting to schedule research time into my schedule now. This is part of a larger effort to schedule time blocks into my semester. First up: re-write a paper on SBG to resubmit to a journal.
  • I recently got a Chromebook. This has saved me a ton of time already. I bring it to my classes that feature student presentations, and it allows me to put my notes directly into the computer. I underestimated how much time this took, and I appreciate having this time back now (any laptop would have helped here, but my Chromebook is a great combination of affordable and compact).
  • I am doing a new type of group quiz for the first time tomorrow in linear algebra. I am going to give the students four multiple choice questions. First, students answer individually the four questions and submit their answers to me. Then students get in teams of four to answer the questions as a team on our Moodle. Each team my keep answering problems on Moodle as many times as they like, although answering incorrectly counts against you. Students get credit if they get at most one problem wrong in both the individual and team portions (so if a student gets all four correct on the individual portion, they get a second try at a problem if their team gets an answer wrong).
  • There is good stuff on SBG at Kate Owens’s blog and Evelyn Lamb’s post on the Blog on Math Blogs blog (the last bit may include some self-promotion).

Once I am reasonably prepared for the rest of the semester, I think that I will try blogging more regularly again. I just really like having a huge head start on the semester.

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2 Responses to “Chromebooks, Videos, and Group Quizzes”

  1. Dana Ernst Says:

    It should like you have the semester fully under control. Nice job. I’m still hoping we can collaborate on something soon. First, I need to wrap up a few other projects.

  2. bretbenesh Says:

    Hi Dana,

    Let me know when you are ready to collaborate. I would love to do it.

    One nice thing about the time-blocking and early sprints to get things done is that I know that I have more time to do research than I thought (I just replace my video-making time with research).

    Of course, my service workload is about to pick up, so that might mess up my plan to have loads of research.

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