I am morphing into Joss Ives this semester. Not only have I centered much of my classtime around clicker questions, but I also just purchased a classroom set of whiteboards. I am looking forward to becoming a whiteboarder and doing some whiteboarding with the whiteboards.

To be fair, my introduction to clickers was through Derek Bruff, and a lot of other people do the clicker/whiteboarding combo. However, Joss was my first contact, so he deserves credit.

Frank Noschese also deserves credit for making it really easy (and cheap) for me to get whiteboards. I have also ordered a set of the environmentally-friendly dry erase markers he recommends.

PS: It seems like I will be morphing into Andy Rundquist next semester.

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9 Responses to “Bret->Joss”

  1. Joss Ives Says:

    It seems like we have been mutually good influences on each other because my eventual first implementation of SBG (with the portfolio twist) looks like it will most closely resemble yours with a twist of Andy’s.

  2. bretbenesh Says:

    I am expecting a blog post on the details of your implementation of SBG now, too.

  3. Lee Gibson Says:

    Wow, what a coincidence – I’ve started using whiteboards this semester too. I might be doing an i>clicker webinar in November on starting a class with a peer learning type concept clicker question, and then using it to move into a team task type of whiteboard activity.

    I saw a video of students using them at MathFest in the RUME session.

  4. Semester Reflection, Part I « Solvable by Radicals Says:

    […] Solvable by Radicals Just another weblog « Bret->Joss […]

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