Using Google Calendar to Schedule Student Meetings

One thing that I have been neglecting to do in recent years is meet with all of my students at the beginning of the semester. These were short meetings—roughly 10 minutes each—but were a nice way of getting to know the students quickly.

I am reviving the practice this semester, and I have a great online tool to help with scheduling these appointments. I found out from Matt Leingang’s tweet that Google Calendar now has an Appointments feature. Since I already use Google Calendar, this seems like a ridiculously easy way to schedule these. I used to pass around a sheet of paper, but now I simply create the slots on Google Calendar, post the URL to the course Moodle site, and do nothing else.

I hope this ends up being as easy as it seems.

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4 Responses to “Using Google Calendar to Schedule Student Meetings”

  1. Erica Says:

    Dude, I need to read your blog more often. The Google appointment thing is AWESOME.

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    […] nine students and reschedule those appointments.  Whoops!  Bret Benesh posted awhile back about Google Calendar’s appointment feature.  I might try that.  It also solves the problem of having fewer time slots available for the […]

  3. Oral Exams Summary « Solvable by Radicals Says:

    […] private interview in my office. Students signed up for appointments by using the Google Calendar Appointments feature. Students were told the questions ahead of time (“explain why you know that the […]

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