Real Analysis Syllabus

I have completed the next draft of my syllabus for my real analysis course. It contains all of the course policies (including my plan for SBF), and has not been proofread well.

I welcome feedback on policies, ideas, and typos. Here is the link to the syllabus.

5 Responses to “Real Analysis Syllabus”

  1. Joss Ives Says:

    Bret. I love your tips/notes for reading the textbook.

  2. Cong Says:

    I like your syllabus and wish I could be in your class! Cong

    • bretbenesh Says:

      Hi Cong,

      You are welcome to come back and take it—I would love to work with you again! Of course, it might be smart to see what sort of analysis classes are being offered in Manhattan. . .

  3. Semester Reflection, Part I « Solvable by Radicals Says:

    […] Anyway, below is a summary of what I did for the semester followed by how I would change in future semesters.  Recall that I am teaching real analysis. […]

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