Student Screencasts

One of my students create a screencast for me. She explained why an unusual division algorithm must give the correct answer to a division question. In it, she beautifully used the definition of partitive division. I was also particularly impressed by her decision to use “rods” to represent the “ones” (we normally use “blocks”), since it makes the decimals work out nicely. We had not discussed that much in class, and it had been months since we discussed it at all.

Also, she learned this technology on her own. I pointed her to the Jing website, but she learned how to use it, created all of the slides and graphics, and scripted her presentation herself. I love this.

She was nice enough to grant me permission to share this here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

division_presentation – akdvorak’s library, posted with vodpod

2 Responses to “Student Screencasts”

  1. Andy "SuperFly" Rundquist Says:

    My students do a lot of this sort of thing and one thing I would suggest to Amanda is to use her mouse more. She can point things out as she’s talking and draw the attention of the viewer. I did like how she didn’t just read the text to us. I wonder what it would be like with only figures and the mouse moving while she talks. That’s more like what my students tend to do.

    • bretbenesh Says:

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the feedback. I agree that that would be helpful. However, you should phrase it as “I would suggest that Bret coach his students to use the mouse more.” I gave her virtually no instruction on what to do, so this is all on me.


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