End of Semester Plan

The semester is coming to a close—there are only four days of class left. We are done with the new “content” now. This is what I have planned for the four days:

  1. Presentations on why weird multiplication and division algorithms give correct answers.
  2. A “semester in a lecture” review of what we have done, and peer review of their papers on why standard multiplication/division/fraction algorithms give correct answers.
  3. A class-long assessment/quiz. One nice thing about SBG: students are happy when you give them these quizzes—they want to show off what they know (or collect “standards,” if you want to look at it a little more negatively).
  4. (This is not a class period, but almost all of the students are going to present a poster for my class at our school’s Scholarship and Creativity Day).
  5. An in-class review. Very likely, I will have them write questions for the final exam (which I might use).

I have recently found it to be very useful to stop giving new content one to two weeks before the semester is done. I have found that students are able to put a lot of things together if they get the chance of seeing the material a second time.

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