Campus Sustainability Facts

I work at a liberal arts school of about 4000 students. Due to historical reasons, our campus is composed of two campus islands (not literally) that are separated by eight miles (one is the men’s campus, one is the women’s). I am on the Sustainability Committee at school, and I learned three facts about my campus today:

  1. Our students throw away 392 bottles of water every hour.
  2. The women’s campus spends $10,000 per year on five-gallon jugs of water.

  3. The fridges on the dorm rooms at the men’s campus consume more energy per year than the power plant at the men’s campus produces.

The women’s campus is about to ban the sale of bottled water on campus (including the five-gallon jugs). I am impressed that they are willing to do it, and I am impressed by their plan to provide clean water options to replace the bottled water.

I don’t know what to do about the fridges right now.


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