We are in the middle of hiring a tenure-track professor. I, of course, and not going to write about the details, but I would like to write about the hiring process. I welcome any suggestions to make this easier.

My main proposal for the future is to use Skype in the role that the Joint Meetings currently does. We could get 90% of the information with only 10% of the hassle this way. We can then change the role of the Joint Meetings to go more in-depth with a smaller pool of candidates.

Here is my basic outline for a proposal:

  1. The deadline for paper applications should be December 1st. This will allow us to read all of the applications well before the Joint Meetings.
  2. The readers should work ahead so that they have a list of 30-50 of the strongest applicants by December 2nd. We should do video-interviews with these candidates over Skype. This is largely equivalent to the face-to-face meetings at the Joint Meetings. This work should be spread out over the entire department, ideally pairing up someone who did not read the file with someone who did.
  3. Get the list down to 15-20 for the Joint Meetings. Spend 45 minutes with each candidate.
  4. The Joint Meetings currently only allows two interviewers at the table at a time (unless you pay a lot more money). I would like to have a way to have all of my colleagues meet a candidate who gave a good face-to-face interview. A colleague suggested that we tag team in the interview—two people interview for 30 minutes, and then the other colleagues would take the last 15 minutes. Otherwise, we could arrange for informal meetings for coffee with the others.
  5. All of this should be done without working any one person into the ground.



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