Hola, Amigos! It’s been a long time since I last rapped at ya.

Even though November was National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), I effectively decided not to post this month. This was not an active decision, but came about because:

  1. I had four presentations within a week at the end of October. I gave two talks—one at the group theory seminar at my college, and the other at St. Olaf—on group theory, one panel discussion on writing, and a 2 minute introduction of another faculty member’s presentation. I spent a lot of time on each of these, and it got me in the habit of not posting.
  2. My third year review file was due on Monday. This did not take a lot of time—I did most of the work over the summer—but it did take up a lot of the free time that I might use to post something here.
  3. There was a midterm at the beginning of the month.
  4. There was a national holiday at the end of the month.

So those are my excuses. I would like to add that my research took a hit, too. I had planned to do an hour of research each day this semester, and I started off with 41 successful days. Since then, I have been 8 for 27. Jerry Seinfeld was right—it does feel good to keep a streak going, and it is difficult to get a streak going.

2 Responses to “Update”

  1. Erica Says:

    I’m impressed that you made it 41 days. Even when I thought I was doing well (up to about mid-October), I wasn’t getting a full hour in each day. Since then, I’ve more or less given up. Supposedly, I have an excuse, but I must admit that it’s like this every semester: I manage scholarship for the first half, but it goes by the wayside in the second half. Pregnancy doesn’t have anything to do with it, really.

    • bretbenesh Says:


      I think that you may as well use pregnancy as an excuse. I tend to follow the same pattern (or I never start doing the research). It would be nice to have the excuse of “another human being is currently living inside of me.” Bret

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