Cooperative Learning Partial Solution

I recently wrote about problems that I am having with CL. One such problem was that I was not providing enough closure for the students—I would like to have a large group discussion to go over the solutions.

This is difficult, though, since I am down to only a little more than 30 minutes for the students to work. One solution would be provide fewer, but more meaningful, problems for the students to work on. This is the long-term goal, but I need a short-term hack. I found it yesterday: I am going to start providing solutions at the front of the classroom. Students can then check their answers at their own pace.

This is in addition to my usual interacting with the teams. I will provide two sets of solutions, so there are really three ways teams can check their answers. Since I have 8-9 teams per class, I think this should work.

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2 Responses to “Cooperative Learning Partial Solution”

  1. Jason Buell Says:

    I do that as well. I used to leave a paper with worked out solutions at their tables but the students asked me to move it farther because it was too tempting to just turn it over and look each time they got stuck.

  2. bretbenesh Says:

    Thanks for confirming that this was a smart move. In retrospect, it seems like the obvious thing to do. For some reason, it was not obvious to me until now.

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