Upcoming Posts

I am hoping to return to a semi-regular posting schedule—hopefully one to two posts per week.

My last month thus far has consisted mostly of two things: preparing my third year review file and working with my excellent student researcher.

I decided to ignore most everything else to get a draft of my third year review done. I now have 93 pages that I could hand in, if needed. However, there are major sections I know I will change (e.g. my teaching statement), and others will suggest many changes when they informally review it for me. But I have something that I think I could hand in without getting fired, and it is barely July (it is due in November).

This process has given me some time to reflect on my classes; some of my thoughts will be featured here at symmetricblog.

My student is researching the relationship between the number of conjugacy classes of a finite group and the number of conjugacy classes of its Sylow p-subgroups. He has already answered our question for nilpotent groups, dihedral groups, cube-free groups, and symmetric groups (I think that alternating groups will fall within the week). Next up: either dicyclic groups or supersolvable groups.

One Response to “Upcoming Posts”

  1. dhdung1309 Says:

    Great. I am looking forwards to seeing them . . .

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