Finals Week

After The Month of Relentless Conferences, I am back. There were five weekends in April (the last one spilled into May), and I have four conferences that I should have attended (the fifth weekend was Easter weekend). I ended up skipping one of the conferences, which made life more manageable. But I ended up presenting at two of the other three.

So that’s my excuse for not posting. That, and midterms and preparing for finals.

But it is now finals week, and I hope to start posting regularly again. To start, I am always delighted when the New York Times writes about group theory. So I will merely pass that on for this post.

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2 Responses to “Finals Week”

  1. dhdung1309 Says:

    I hope you can write regularly about Group Theory and Other related topics so that we may learn some and discuss (If possible).


    • bretbenesh Says:

      I hope to start writing more about math soon. Now that summer is here, I think that I might try writing some expository entries on what I am looking at.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

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