NCAA Math Tournament

I have some serious stuff that I want to write about, but this is too timely: Jordan Ellenberg has filled out an NCAA bracket based on who has the best department of mathematics. I am proud to say that my two almae matres (disclosure: I had to look up the plural in Wikipedia), Minnesota and Wisconsin, made the Final Four (it helps that Jordan is currently at Wisconsin).

There is debate in the comments about some of the choices, and one person suggested that Minnesota and Wisconsin should have met in the final game. My opinion is that Cal is the best, though, so I think that there is no way Wisconsin makes it to the finals (Minnesota is debatable).

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2 Responses to “NCAA Math Tournament”

  1. Adolfo Says:

    I suggested that Minnesota and Wisconsin COULD have met in a final (I wrote a “maybe”).

    It is clear to me (mind you, I do not live in the USA) that Minnesota, California and Wisconsin would be in the Final Four, with the fourth sport going to either Maryland or Ohio St. (this is in agreement with Jordan). And yes, probably the final should then be California-Minnesota, with California winning.

    • bretbenesh Says:

      Hi Adolfo,

      Sorry—I was semi-intentionally twisting your words to make my schools look better. I did not mean to use you as a pawn in my attempt to make Wisconsin and Minnesota look good.

      I agree with you mostly, although I think that Cornell is probably up there, too. They would give Wisconsin a tough game on the way to the Final Four…just like they did in real life.

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