First Day of Abstract Algebra

The first day of abstract algebra went reasonably well. The students seem great (as always), and I did roughly what I expected to do. Here is what I accomplished:

  1. We started with a bingo-type icebreaker activity. At the very least, this avoids the creepy pre-semester silence that happens immediately before some classes begin.
  2. The students cut out all of their models for groups.
  3. Everyone introduced themselves.
  4. I gave an introduction to abstract algebra, including a list of questions that abstract algebra helps answer.
  5. We went through the “rules” to all of the models.

So far, so good. I wish I could have got to some of the syllabus, since that is where I discuss the homework policy. However, I explained this a bit when I emailed out the first homework assignment. Also, I prefer to concentrate on mathematics more than policies on the first day of class.

The first homework assignment was to determine the number of elements that are in each group for each model.

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