Welcome back, Bret.

I would like to welcome myself back to my professional weblog. My semester has begun, and I hope to post regularly to this now (2-3 times per week).

I now have varied responsibilities in my new job, and I have many meetings, responsibilities, and people to keep track of. Because of this, I recently re-implemented David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. At its core, this system gets you to put all of your obligations into an external system so that you can experience less stress. I am not certain that this helps me do more work, but I am certain that it decreases the amount of stress in my life.

By far my favorite aspect of the system is the “tickler file,” which is a file-based calendar where I can leave myself time-sensitive notes. For instance, today would have been my grandfather’s birthday, and a note reminding me of these was in my tickler file this morning when I checked it. This reminder helps me to remember to call my grandmother tonight.

More importantly, this note in my tickler file means that I do not have to try to remember this birthday. Loose ends like this are a cause of stress for me, and this system allows me to delegate this worrying to the “Getting Things Done” system.

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